BY1TX or B1Z

The Low Band secret!


This photograph illustrates their top band vertical - a 1/4 wave on 160 meters. 



It was fun to try and find BY1TX. I hired a car and driver and we drove 2 hours to the QTH. If location is everything, this club has the best location of any ham club I know. They have several Force 12 Yagis on the tower pictured here in the upper picture while the second picture below it illustrates their relative location to the valleys around them. 


B1Z Club


The members of the BY1TX / B1Z contest group are some of the nicest hams I have met in the world. They are top notch operators and friendly ambassadors for amateur radio. I want to thank them especially Fan Bin who organized my time with this world class group of operators. And, this is the group who placed 1st in China and # 13 World wide for the 2007 CQ CW WPX contest. 

QSL information - I have replied to all of the QSL requests I have received. If you still need one, please email me!



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