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US and Canadian Hams wanting a K0MD QSL - please send a SASE with your card to my home address.


For QSO's with me when I am operating outside of the USA, I request US and Canadian hams to send their cards directly (NOT via the BURO) with a SASE or a SAE with appropriate US postage/cash. If I receive your card without a SASE, it will not be answered. 


QSL's from all other Hams: I upload all of my QSO's to LOTW quickly. If you want a QSL, please send me a SASE and 3 $ USD or payment electronically. The US Postal Service discontinued IRC's. If doing this is a financial hardship for you, you can email specific requests and explain your circumstances.



March 2009 -2011 VP5/KØMD

I have answered most of these requests. Please don't forget to send a SASE. New cards were printed for 2011. If you want one of these for a past QSO, please email me. QSL requests after March 1, 2011 should contain a SASE for US hams. I will not reply to QSL requests from US/Canadian hams sent via the BURO.

2009 CE2/KØMD




Special cards were printed and are answered as time allows. I will not reply to QSL requests from US/ Canadian hams sent via the BURO.


I have replied to all of the QSL requests I have received. If you need a QSL from my time with the Beijing club, please email me.



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