CE2/KØMD QTH - Vina del Mar, Chile - right on the Ocean

The Force 12 Sigma 40 XK is visible at the top center of the hotel on my balcony

CE2/K0MD QSL - beautiful Hotel Cap Ducal, Vina del Mar, Chile

I have operated from Hotel Cap Ducal, Hotel Del Mar, the Renaca QTH of CE2SV and from a spot in Tunquen, Chile. All offer advantages with close take-off adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Both hotels are accomodating of ham operators and both offer immediate seaside take off for verticals. Hotel Cap Ducal is on the ocean - it sits out on the Sea while Del Mar is 200 yards from the beach. Hotel Cap Ducal is one of the historic landmarks in Vina del Mar, Chile and I have stayed there many times. I enjoy its quaint features. Hotel Del Mar is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at in the world. You cannot go wrong with either choice. The Chilean medical community has adopted me as one of their own since I travel there twice a year for conferences. The Chilean people are warm, friendly, hospitable and have one of the most transparent economies in the world. They have first class health care as well and I learn from them as much or more than they learn from me.



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