CE2/KØMD QTH - Vina del Mar, Chile - right on the Ocean

The Force 12 Sigma 40 XK is visible at the top center of the hotel on my balcony

CE2/K0MD QSL - beautiful Hotel Cap Ducal, Vina del Mar, Chile

I have operated from Hotel Cap Ducal and Hotel Del Mar. Both are accomodating of ham operators and both offer immediate seaside take off for verticals. Hotel Cap Ducal is on the ocean - it sits out on the Sea while Del Mar is 200 yards from the beach. Hotel Cap Ducal is one of the historic landmarks in Vina del Mar, Chile and I have stayed there many times. I enjoy its quaint features. Hotel Del Mar is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at in the world. You cannot go wrong with either choice. The Chilean medical community has adopted me as one of their own since I travel there twice a year for conferences. The Chilean people are warm, friendly, hospitable and have one of the most transparent economies in the world. They have first class health care as well and I learn from them as much or more than they learn from me.

 I use a
Force 12 Magnum 240 N two element yagi for 40meters.  It is 85% full size and has <2:1 SWR from 7.000 Mhz through 7300 Mhz. I consistently receive 5-9 plus plus signal reports from DX stations.Several have asked me what antenna I am using.


Many 40 meter yagis interact with 15 meter yagis. This onedoes not  It can be stacked within 5 feet of another yagi.


  • It is an easy antenna to assemble and I had Tom Schiller (N6BT) install a special switch to make it more broad-banded across all of 40meters.  Tom can build you this antenna anytime you want.




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