80 Meter 4 Square Array

The 80 meter Four Square uses the Force 12 Sigma 80 vertical dipoles.  I bought these from Wo0Z, Larry Loen. They were originally from W0SA's antenna farm. I had installed four 1/4 wave verticals with elevated radials but they kept blowing over with the winds I encounter on my property. The Sigma 80 vertical dipole leaves a smaller foot print and has withstood numerous harsh winters in Minnesota. They do not require any radials!! I typically have a < 2:1 SWR from 3500 to 3800 Khz and can enjoy CW and SSB Dxing with them. The performance of a 4 SQR array exceeds the expectations of most hams. It is simply amazing to turn the directivity to NE and hear Europe 599. It is equally as nice to get signal reports at 599 or 59. The aerial view of this array shows the SW to NE line up of two of the four vertical dipoles. There is a small green spec in the middle of the array - this is where the Comtek controller box is located. 

 I use a
Force 12 Magnum 240 N two element yagi for 40meters.  It is 85% full size and has <2:1 SWR from 7.000 Mhz through 7300 Mhz. I consistently receive 5-9 plus plus signal reports from DX stations.Several have asked me what antenna I am using.


Many 40 meter yagis interact with 15 meter yagis. This onedoes not  It can be stacked within 5 feet of another yagi.


  • It is an easy antenna to assemble and I had Tom Schiller (N6BT) install a special switch to make it more broad-banded across all of 40meters.  Tom can build you this antenna anytime you want.




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