My DXExpeditions

I have a great time operating overseas. I am recording my thoughts on some of these experiences in this section.

August 2008 CE2/KØMD

My first time to operate in Chile was a blast. My medical colleagues thought it was amazing that I brought a rig and antenna along and were more amazed that I could work Europe, Asia and the USA with it. 

November 2009


My daughter Ashley, KØAEW , joined me in Vina del Mar to conduct her science fair experiment. We tested propagation from Chile to the world using prop tables prepared for us by N6BV (Dean Straw) and charts by Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA).  We experienced better propagation than the tables and charts preducted and worked the world! I even won SOAB, unassisted, Low Power for Chile from CQ CW WW. What a surprise! It was a lot of fun to operate with Ashley and even more fun to get an award. I also met a lot of neat hams on the air and even visited Tom, CX7TT in Uruguay when I went there from Chile!  

 I use a
Force 12 Magnum 240 N two element yagi for 40meters.  It is 85% full size and has <2:1 SWR from 7.000 Mhz through 7300 Mhz. I consistently receive 5-9 plus plus signal reports from DX stations.Several have asked me what antenna I am using.


Many 40 meter yagis interact with 15 meter yagis. This onedoes not  It can be stacked within 5 feet of another yagi.


  • It is an easy antenna to assemble and I had Tom Schiller (N6BT) install a special switch to make it more broad-banded across all of 40meters.  Tom can build you this antenna anytime you want.




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